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Zen Island

Peace, Harmony, and Zen

Take me to a place

Where I will have peace

No thoughts of anger, fear, or depression

So I can breathe

Count to three

Inhale and Exhale

Relax like you're laying on a hammock 

Swingin gently left and right 

Watching the bright, yellow sun 

Staring at me

Tanning my sun-kissed body 

Sit up, Stand up, Stretch

Spring out my energy

Let go and revive, come alive 

Live free

Take me on an adventure

Spread my arms like wings

Pretend that we're flying on a plane

or flying free like birds in the sky 

Surrender all 

Peace, Harmony, and Zen



Take me to a place

Where I will have freedom

Take me to place with no name


Where no man or woman has gone before

Take me on an adventure

Where I will climb mountain

Shower with waterfalls

Taste the fruit from a fruitful tree

Fresh air from the wind and rain

Take me to zen island

Where no neighbors or friends can find me

Be alone in this place where I can be happy and free

Walk alone in grassland areas

See beautiful creatures laying in their habitat 

Feeding on bamboos and twigs

Greetings, Zen Island

Goodbye, Stress Island  

Sit down, watch and hear the blue waves speak to me

Saying "I'm happy that you're here"

Will you be here?

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Zen Island
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