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Your Tantalizing Trickery


If I turned to you now

From my pit of despair,

Would you try to comfort me?

Would you even really care?

It isn't that plain to see,

By the light of our history.

If I told you my deepest secrets

Would you let me in - or be my end?

Under the cover of tragedy

Would you say that I have sinned?

To feel my heart bleed, casually?

Distorting the memory?

What is this that's killing me?

Was that your presence here?

Did it linger incessantly?

Followed by the void and the fear

Of what I know could never be,

Leaving me in misery...

Why did you speak those words?

That keep me holding on...

Such tantalizing trickery;

My prison is your passion,

My dreams, your mystery...

My life, your accessory.

Lisa Barfield-McCarty
Lisa Barfield-McCarty

Author of Holistic Fox Creative blog. @HolisticFox  I consider myself more nuance and less niche. A creative type, I enjoy topics concerning all types of art, as well as entrepreneurship, entertainment, education, and nature.

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Your Tantalizing Trickery
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