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Your Strength, My Courage

A Poem

Photo by Tere MV

I watch you just sitting there,

Empty now, too drained to care.

With your head in your hands.

With no ideas, no plans.

No hopes.

I want to scream at you to wake up.

Stand up. 

Snap out if it.

Get mad, get focused.



We will die without your strength.

You can't be weak you gotta carry us.

You're the man.

Step up.

Tell me that I'm good enough for you,

That I'm worth fighting for.

Tell me that you can see us together tomorrow.

Without struggle, without fear.

That you see us stronger living free from sorrow.

That with your strength we are better.

Wake up please, I'm fading fast.

Faster than I want to.

My courage subsiding.

Can you feel my grasp?

I'm holding on to you so desperately.

Can you feel me trying to reach you?

Can you hear me talking to you baby?

Now I'm screaming, I'm crying out loud, every one can hear me but you.

Do you remember where our story began?

We were just starting out.

We came from nothing but that doesn't mean we have to end with nothing.

It means we try harder to stay together.

We hold hands at the shore of the ocean,

Our feet planted in the sands of time.

And with each wave that comes we stand strong, hand in hand, and face the brunt of the force.

And each wave makes us stronger.

So I need you baby,

More now than ever.

Prove your love for me. 

Show me that you believe I'm worth it.

Stand up and take my hand.

I promise I won't let you fall. 

I will always be there to catch you.

Like I've always been.

I'm fighting for you, for us.

Today, tomorrow, forever.

You take me by surprise. 

You take me by the hand.

Touching my cheek so lightly telling me your plan.

My eyes meet your eyes, we do more than connect.

We dance barefoot in the sand at the shore of the ocean.

Time has now come to rest.

The days in front of us have become solemn, we're at peace. 

Ahead of us only the best.

Together we walk, side by side, so in love.

We fought like hell to get here.

We have passed every test.

With your strength and my courage again we are one.

Relax my darling, this battle we have finally won.

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Your Strength, My Courage
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