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Your Love

Confessions of the Heart

Church Road Sunset (Hove)

An unashamed and unwavering love to you I feel,

As if my heart pounding in my chest tries to break free of its seal.

A love that burns so intensely and so bright,

A shining beacon to lead me to you in the darkest of night.

An explosion of fireworks roaring through all of my existence,

Never ending and blazing with a strengthened persistence.

A love that leaves me very much sleepless and drained,

Yet strangely exhilarated and with energy unfeigned.

You leave me speechless yet poetic as now you can see,

Lost but exactly right where it feels I should be.

Over and under as a ship through a storm on the waves,

For you my harbour, my love, my heart solemnly craves.

And although I know I make mistakes and my actions seem like I do not care,

Believe me when I say trust me, I do, my love, my world, so beautiful and rare.

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Your Love
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