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Your Lesson Rings

A Homage to Whitman

Hear me, My Captain!

     Those words you spoke,

         so elegantly fill my mind,

              empowering my goals, my dreams, my life.

Hear me, My Captain!

     You say never to give up.

         You say the passion burns within,

              And we need only stoke the flames.

Hear me, My Captain!

     You say Onward, Forever!

         You say time will pass us by,

              And the pain will fall away.

Hear me, My Captain!

     You tell me not to quell emotion!

           You say declare the words inside you

                And stand for your convictions.

Hear me, My Captain!

      You say that yesterday was the lesson.

           Today is the test and tomorrow

                Is filled with the unknown,

Hear me, My Captain!

      Your inspiration blazes in my life,

             And your final lesson rings, to be –

                 “Better than I was yesterday!”

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Cobe Wilson
Cobe Wilson

I am a graduate of the College of Coastal Georgia (Brunswick, GA). I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from this school. I am currently attending Walden University Online for a Masters of Science in Psychology. Gamer, writer, poet.

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Your Lesson Rings
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