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Your Ghost


I'm a lil embarrassed that you may have found out my secret

The one you keep threatening out loud

Making me wish I could walk, or run out

But I stay with your ghost

I cuddle with your ghost

I make love to your ghost

And then

We talk about my day

I Listen to him talk about your ideas

We Argue

I digress

Whatever you say.

It's always whatever you say

I cozy up to the sound of your invisible laugh as I stumble over my insecurities

The sounds of all your wondering

And it's

that time about the better part of the day when I'm beside myself with confusion

Wrestling with these illusions...

Your ghost leaves me too then

And I feel I'm left with less

Less than nothing

Except I keep on searching

Like a ravenous wolf I keep on lurking

Praying for cold blood

And Your haunting

Or something to call certain

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Your Ghost
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