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You Were My Drug, I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore


We moved mountains 

  January 4, 2015

We would've been 4 years today.

Oh, how much we loved each other.

We stayed up everyday till we slowly fell asleep

We laughed

We cried

We were happy

You were the only one I ever opened up to at 3am sobbing

I wouldn't have to say anything

You were there telling me that you're here for me

You told me you wouldn't hurt me

You told me you loved me

We told each other we loved each other to the moon and back

And beyond

I was there even when you seemed to not care if I stayed or not

I was there !

Where did all that love go?

I remember the way we used to look at each other

Not one single word had to be spoken

Just a stare said it all

One stare where I noticed the galaxy in your eyes

We seemed to know what we were thinking

How did all that just go away.

How could you say you don't love me the same from one day to another

How could you just move on like nothing

How could you have kept it going if you knew how much you were hurting me

So much pain you left me with

Now you're sleeping with a guy telling him you love him

I don't know what to do with all this pain anymore

If I burry it I'll rot

I can't let my body rot because of you

I can't let this heart break ruin me

I can't let you ruin me

I can't

I will not

You're not worth it

You're not

I wish I could say I hate you

But I once loved you

You don't deserve my hate

You don't deserve my love

You deserve nothing at all

You broke me before I even broke you

We both had fault in this but look at what I've become

I won't let you ruin me any longer

I hope I never see you again

I hope you look back and wish you never let me go

I hope you wake up and regret what you did to me

I hope you realize what you lost

So I'm done! You're gone and I don't ever want you coming back.

I'm done living in the past !

I'm going to be happy and give my love to someone who is actually fighting for it !

I'm letting everything go !

This is my present and I won't let you ruin it!

I'm going to get through this and I'm going to be fine !

I'm going to be happy one day with the love of my life

And finally I'm going to understand why it didn't work out between us !

Because God saved me someone so much better !

Farewell Darling. 

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You Were My Drug, I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore
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