You're Ugly

And other lies your mirror tells you.

Lift your face up from the magazine

And look me in the eye

The mirror is not where your identity lies.

Didn’t you realize

No amount of concealer

Can hide your beauty?

You’re dying inside

Every inch of you

Sewn up in silence

Hiding between layers of fabric

Your appearance

Is impressive

No matter how good you look

I can read you like a book

You’re ready to self-destruct.

The ink spilled lies

You’ve spent your life gorging on

Have no substance.

Step away from the magazine,

And open your eyes



The mirror is not where your identity lies.

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Rachel Dow
Rachel Dow

Learning from life experiences and documenting them along the way. Poetry and connection with others makes my heart sing. All proceeds/gifts that you donate are going towards a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. 

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You're Ugly
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