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You're Lucky I Love You

But I'm Lucky to Have You

You shaved today

Now there are tiny black hairs

Stuck to the hand soap

And all over the back of the sink

I just wanted to wash my hands

Now I'm painstakingly

Picking hairs off the soap

You're lucky I love you

You made dinner last night

Threw some meat on the grill


Made a mess of my kitchen

Didn't put things back in their places

Now I have a mess to clean up

You're lucky I love you

You went to buy groceries today

Bought a bunch of junk food

Forgot what was on the list

Now I can't cook what I wanted to

We're having cereal and milk for dinner

You're lucky I love you


I cried today

I got angry at nothing

I had the worst day ever

And everything just sucked

And you hugged me

You held me tight

You squeezed me

As if you could squeeze

All those bad feelings out

You told me you loved me

You told me I'm awesome

You told me everything

Was going to be alright

You may be lucky I love you

But it's me who's truly lucky

I'm lucky just to have you

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You're Lucky I Love You
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