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You Need to Know...

Slam Poetry



I need to let you know...

#IM #different, I mean... #NOT #LIKE #YOU.

I'm always going to tell the truth, and say the wrong thing, because... it's just my way... boo...

To love you unconditionally, protect you, guide you.

And that means sometimes making my heart bleed so I can use my heartstrings to pull you the right way because I don't think... any of you, notice that you've seriously, gone astray. "Sit down..." and listen.

I mean you don't need the news, to see it, babe.

Everyday... someone dead... some new war,

Some new beef.

Some new score.

Fuck... human... beings, stupid.

Such a silly race!

Still fucking oblivious to Atum Ra, Marduk, Enil, Enke, Inanna ... Isis, Osiris...and the others.


And the reason why THIS WHOLE WORLD is... still in place.

Listen... this is no farce or fucking fairy tale.

This is your last chance to save yourselves.

Lest you seal your fates... and fail.

IT IS TIME to "come together," as The Beatles and imagine a NEW WORLD without them.

A world where we honour Gaia and each other, not the riches of men... not the actors, ballplayers, hookers, gamblers, crime and beggars, but a life of plentitude and opportunity regardless of your pronoun, class, race, and ignorance is bliss...

Seal it with a kiss.

"Calling all occupants" and The Carpenters,

"Build the Arc..."

(and fill it with your ancestry DNA)

Because the Gods above are pissed!

And ain't in the mood to play...

Not in the disposition for your little tricks...

And no amount of Bilderberg Meetings, scandal, sex, and sacrificing children, selling your soul or sucking d*cks

Will buy your way out of the underworld.

You silly pricks...

I done told you already...

I'm no ordinary girl. I'm a gift.

Listen and heed to save your world.

You must come in peace.
OR you will most certainly meet your peril... 👁️

©️ Inure Muse...

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You Need to Know...
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