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You Make Me Miss the Most Innocent Parts of Myself

Fleeting Childhood Friendships That Forever Shape You

I saw a video of you today and was shocked at the baritone in your voice;

was our last hug really that long ago?

You were another best friend I was forced to cut ties with but dear,

don’t think I ever forgot about you.

Your twinkly laugh,

Bell-like and hilariously girly.

You would skip through the hallways just to make me smile

and always took the time to read anything I was writing.

I don’t think there was ever a day I didn’t throw food at you,

but you always made sure I ate

because you knew what I did behind bathroom doors.

You played guitar with the same hands that for some reason

wanted to hold mine.

You were stable,

loyal and funny.

My partner in crime to ditch class with.

The shoulder I’d lay on when I wasn’t feeling well.

Yet I still pulled away from you the first time you tried to kiss me.

Never was I able to call you mine, but

I cherish those brief moments we were able to blossom

more than any juvenile relationship we could've been.

My support for your dreams has never frayed,

unlike that bracelet I made that has long since fallen away

from your wrist.

Please know I'll always think of you with a smile

and l pray you keep fond memories of me as well.

Cat Walsman
Cat Walsman

Mom to an energetic angel, wife to a wonderful man who fits my crazy <3 Prior active duty Army, current National Guard member. Super down to earth, fell in love with writing as a kid. Tips are appreciated if my writing appeals to you!

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You Make Me Miss the Most Innocent Parts of Myself
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