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You Left

That's how life is.

I never thought I was going to miss you as much as I do.

My heart beats and beats every day, I think and think wondering where you have been or what you have done.

I guess you're better without me I'm guessing I'm not saying you are.

Maybe you're not, maybe you need me more than I need of you.

They are things I never told you, for example how much I love you.

Sometimes the things we never said are the ones that hurt the most.

I thought it was going to be easy, yeah this try to live without you, only that is not.

Is tough of what I thought, you know I'm not begging so I'm not going to tell you to come back.

You can come back I will be here waiting for you with my arms open.

You left that was your choice, you left without thinking.

I don't blame you sometimes when we are in storms, we do stuff that ponder are right for us in the moment but then we regret them.

Really badly!

You are strong, I'm strong too I'm not underestimating myself but I contemplate I'm stronger.

Don't regret anything and if you do it's


We made mistakes and that's okay because we learn of them. 

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You Left
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