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You Don’t Know...

"I don’t think you know what you did to me" 🥀

Those light eyes

Your dark hair

And the way you smiled at me

I don’t think you know what you did to me

And just how much you made me feel guilty

You’d put your arm around me and I would tense up

Just wanting to slip away

Your “comforting” words meant nothing for all I heard was your selfishness and insecurity

I fell to have let you down so many times

But as time had gone by I had grew to try

And I let you have a chance

but you didn’t realize you took it for granted

You didn’t realize the trust I put in you

O’ the things I did for you

That one vivid night your anxiety took a new high..

I stayed by your side and talked you through..

I spent my time on you,

I cared for you..

like the day I told our friends I needed utter silence after you fell asleep on my couch

Cause I knew you were deprived from the night before..

Or the time you laid on my living room floor with such pain and I took care of you

Making sure you were alright..

I did so much for you that you didn’t even acknowledge

And in the end you seemed to let it all go over your head 

Little did you know just what you did to me...

I was changing, 

I was anxious and stressed

but I hid it well 

I felt worthless and horrible for when it seemed I let you down 

at times we had fun and by god I really tried 

but you have no idea what you'd really done 

you don't know the toll it took on me when I was hungry but wouldn't eat

or how much I lost in my figure because you'd hardly touch a bite 

I always wondered what was wrong with me when you started going to her about your problems 

or the stress you put me through when it was possible that you were going to be a father with an ex 

there was so much that built up that in the end I simply had to let go 

I even thought we could be friends 

but instead you turned on me 

listening to someone else's lies..

even after always saying I was the one you trusted most...

I thought it could end peacefully 

but instead you humiliated me 

which concluded into hours of tears 

when before I was fine...

your words cut me,

you killed me, 

and I cant hate you.. 

but that doesn't mean I have to love you...

you helped me realize you really are just.. Young.

and that's what you never knew.

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You Don’t Know...
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