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You'd Think I'd Be an Expert by Now...

A Poem from the Book, 'Kiss Me or Kill Me'

The feel of your touch that I've never felt

I've felt a millions times 

In a thousand lives

Followed by a billion kisses 

and millions of strokes of your hair.

I've told you "I love you"

A billion different times

In a thousand different languages

In a thousand different lives.

I've held our children

I've shed so many tears

Applauded your achievements

Held your hand as you died

Thousands of times.

Oh, so many times.

I've felt the pain

Of a piece of my soul

Parting from me

To follow you

Until we were together again

And again

And again

And again

So many 

So many

So many thousands of times...

And not I sit here

Yet another day...

Unable to resist you...

Wondering why I can't just talk to you.


This book of poetry was written specifically to catch people in their darkest times and uplift them. Written at a time when she was using poetry to make peace with her own troublesome life, Amargeaux Rai wanted to share the written moments of her life, knowing that there are more like her.

This holiday season, read this poetry book about self—love and growth for yourself of give as an excellent gift for that person in your life that is struggling in life and could use some uplifting, encouragement, comfort, a little love... and even a hug.

To the ones reading this:

Life can be tough, but you are loved...

You just have to be brave enough to see it.

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You'd Think I'd Be an Expert by Now...
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