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You Can't

You can't make something that is not real into your reality, and believe it to be true.

You can't live your life chasing someone that doesn't want to be found, you will always be lonely.

You can't live life constantly trying to get someone's attention when they aren't even looking in your direction.

You can't keep trying to catch up with someone when they are constantly running in circles further and further away from you.

You can't keep thinking someone loves you when they show you the opposite, believe what you see.

You can't expect people to respect you or your values if you live in self doubt and do not show self respect.

You can't make someone be something they aren't, even if it's what you want.

You can't stand behind rose tinted glasses and judge someone you care for, one day they may need to borrow your glasses.

You can't ask for more than you give, it will only make you look ignorant and arrogant, do onto others.

You can't expect someone to be honest if you create lies and promote them and begin to believe they are true.

You can't make someone love you when deep in your heart you know they don't - no matter how much it hurts.

You can't expect someone to comfort you when you are hurting, we must lick our wounds and carry on.

You can't force someone to be loyal, once the commitment is made it's their word they have given, sometimes you just got to have faith.

You can't make someone stay when all you see is them leaving and closing the door behind them.

You can't make something that is not real into your reality, and believe it to be true.

You can't change the way someone looks at you or how they think of you, even if you hold them in the highest esteem.

You can't replace painful memories with memories of a time before that no longer exists, no matter how happy the two of you were.

You can't expect someone to share the same happiness, everyone has their own likes and dislikes, that's what makes us unique.

You can't expect someone to love you the way you love them.

You can't expect too much from someone, if they let you down they will just break your heart.

You can't expect people to like the person you choose to be your partner, and what does it matter anyways, it's your life.

You can't expect that someone will miss you - even if you ask them if they did, it is likely that they will lie to you.

You can't expect someone to want you and need you just because you want and need them, there is a huge difference between the two emotions.

You can't make someone to listen to your dreams, even if you made them a major part of your future.

You can't expect someone to hang around forever, forever is much too long, and no one stays forever.

You can't expect someone to love you if you don't love yourself.

You can't expect the one you love not to break your heart, chances are no matter who you give it to they most likely will crush it.

You can't expect someone to come back to you or stick around when you have said good bye, good byes are good byes, let them go.

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You Can't
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