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"You Are..."

Inspired by This Dance and Song

Darling, are you here? 

Will you hear my voice, hear my words, hear my sorrow? 

Darling, don't be scared

Did you hear my voice tremble, see my hands shake, see the tears in my eyes? 

Darling, can you hear it? 

my heartbeat, the noise, the shouts, and screams 

Darling, don't mind them 

They don't understand, that love will always be love no matter whom with 

Darling, look at me

Only me, don't look behind me, all you will find is hatred and heartbreak

Darling, listen to me 

I will love you always no matter man or woman, or whatever gender   

But darling, you have to understand that no matter how scared you are don't hide from me 

Because darling, you are every sense of the word: love, is what you are.  

Cameron Quin
Cameron Quin

I'm a 19-year-old College student studying to become a Social Worker and also a Part-Time UPS worker. I love to create Art, Poetry, Photographs and etc. I want to make a difference to the world first I got to see if people will hear me.

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