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You and Me Are Just Like Poetry

Inspired by My Amazing and Beautiful Friend, Fernie Mac

From the ends of the earth,

To the depths of the sea;

There's no one else I'd ask to be with me.

To share the sight of the stary night sky,

Contently watching the hours pass by.

Looking out onto the moonlit lake,

Until finally we witness, the morning sun wake.

With all this in my eyes and you by my side,

I know there's hope for me to survive,

For it's within your presence

I feel most alive.

Just like these words,

We're meant to be;

That's why you and me,

Are just like poetry.

-Maccy Jay Tovey


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Maccy Tovey
Maccy Tovey

22 year old whom for my age has been through things I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I love to write and have always wanted to allow people to see/read my work. The words I write are from the heart and all based on true events. 

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You and Me Are Just Like Poetry
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