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You and Me

For someone I will miss.

I dream of you each night,

And it's the only way I can be with you now.

I cant believe you let me go so easily,

As if I never mattered at all.

I cling on to what made me feel so alive,

The memories of you and me.

It is too late now to be together again,

As you are focusing on your own self.

I stumble through life,

Wondering when the sun will shine again.

You were the one who used to clear the thunder clouds,

And i was the one to light up your clear skies.

So here I am now,

Writing this poem to the world as I cope.

To show the undieng love I will always have for you,

While you slipped away.

Have all the time that you need,

And I will try my best to move on.

I loved you that was more than love,

But in this sorrowful ending,

There will never be again a love like you and me.

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You and Me
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