You and Me


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I close my eyes, and there you are

The memories of how things used to be

You and me, we been thru somethings

And even more

We've said our goodbyes so many times

But something always pulled us back together again

You are my first true love, but not my last.

I've set you free not once, but twice

The first time not by choice, but yours

The second time I had no choice, it was the right thing to do

Oh but how, it didn't take you long to quickly move on

And yet I stayed behind

I now think it's time for me to shine

The pain of waiting for you to return only kills me

If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul He will take

Sorry, for things in the past that were wrong, but the love for my

soul mate just felt like it was right

I don’t know what's true or not

All I have are gut you and me

I no longer think we can be...

Will I even still love you?

Now that I have opened my eyes, and see

You and I just can't be

For visions of blood, that's not mine

You lay still gasping and asking why

My only response, is cause you gave my heart away

Tears of clown there are no more; only a frown

All because I set us free.

Now there truly is no more you and me. 

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You and Me
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