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You & I

Relationship Poem

You’re stressed.

You’re upset.

I’m there to make you smile,

Hug you tightly,

Tell you it’s all going to be okay.

You’re depressed.

You’re feeling hopeless.

I try my best to give you reason to keep going,

I tell you how many people love you,

I give you things to look forward to.

I’m stressed,

I’m upset.

You’re too wrapped up in yourself to make me smile,

Your hugs are getting shorter, looser, less affectionate, less meaningful.

Why would you tell me it would all be okay if you didn’t even know anything was wrong?

I’m depressed.

I’m feeling hopeless.

I feel little reason to keep going,

You don’t even ask how I am anymore,

I see us both falling apart and I can’t possibly look forward to

What will happen next. 

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You & I
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