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Just Loitering in the Solar Plex

A glowing ball of putty pulp

Squelching around deep in your abdomen

It flinches at the splash of alcohol

Cased in skin, cloaked in black and blue

When you want to hurt, and you take off your head

You crawl into the costume of your old self

And shoot off howdys in beaming globs

That stick to my brain and my fingers

I am worried

And I loved you once

So my fingers stick to the screen,

Though the gleam’s all wrong,

The light cuts up that ascorbic stain

Yet I’m tethered

And I try to connect

As you try to connect

As the ball tries to UV blast

Through the blue and black

It doesn’t

It bounces and braces and reaches and swims

In the burning spirits that eat it and feed it

It’s thick and alive and trapped

Cased in skin, cloaked in black and blue

I am worried, and I loved you once

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