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Years of Dedicated Music

Gathering of Musical Notes

Photograph By: Samuel Fyfe

Exquisitely suspended in an endless stream of painted beckoning free moments,

Openly letting the music's description caress the ears of expression,

Eloquently persuading the eyes of delicate matters to change the site of flowing torments,

Floating out of the forced passage of scarring depression,

In-taking the immaculately brushed colors in the daily quest,

Watching the darkest jungles fever of endless blocking overdosed words fall to the bottom of the over-sized well,

Carrying my different homemade patched vest,

Chimes are replaced with the ideas of a youthful bell,

Handing out empty boxes covered with silk ribbons filled with memorized lines,

Each step is a prescribed dedication of the puzzled mind,

Useful wired reaching vines,

Pointing out all the mysterious baking ways to find,

A youthful expression of a dented time reversed to brilliantly decorate an newly made song,

Encouragement at its finest beckoning words,

Nothing to short and nothing to long,

Fashioning new musical chords,

Wisdom passed by the cases through sheets of tangerine scented paper,

Trust balanced on the lighting bolts of sequenced strikes,

Inhaling the lavender scented vapors,

Nothing separated by just the amount of rhyming likes,

Here the hand gives truth,

Passed out in a golden bowl of genuine dedicated years of progressed further tries,

Something pure to carry out of our youth,

A thing to match in beauty with the skies.

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Years of Dedicated Music
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