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Am I wrong?

I am wrong.
am I wrong?
for wanting what I want

all my life I have been told
what was wrong or what was right
from only through someone else's eyes.

to be happy,
I would have to give you disappointment.
sacrifice your approval
just to live the way I feel was right.

Don't guilt me!
Don't shame me!
Don't make me feel small.

I want to live life without shame.
I don't care if I make mistakes.
I don't care if ill suffer from my choices.

But I shouldn't be told I'm wrong,
trying to do what was best for me.

- Written on July 1, 2018

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Cassiie Etienne
Cassiie Etienne

27 years old. I have been writing for as long as I could remember. For some reason writing was the only way I could express myself when I was younger and it still is one of the best ways I express myself. 

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