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Written Love

'Less Traveled the Road' by Sylvester S. Wright

Foreword - This is "Written Love" from my book Less Traveled the Road.

The messages are so untouched, unrehearsed and profound.

You know the way the pen, the pencil, the pad compound?

Their one word is a sentence, describing nouns.

How do they get so deep down in the crevice of written love?

I am lost in the use of words with deferred meanings.

These actions, pictures in letters that should mean nothing,

yet given life by sweet rainbow lips.

Written love from enlightened fingertips.

I am the luckiest to see the ability of their written love, when it is not solely

confined within me, but shared freely with my community.

Yet within the radius of love written so deep for life even in the hurt and pain felt,

we share these words true as the blood of ourselves.

Written love.

It takes honesty to share one’s heart, guts, veins, brain and soul.

Sharing sicknesses, hatreds and oppressions,

learned life lessons, stupidities and ideologies.

Putting it all on a plate for the world to judge, digest and possibly regurgitate.

Written love.

I am lost in the words of love, the words of hate, and the words of knowledge.

I am lost in the words of humanity, philosophy, and insanity,

the vanity of the vain to write the truth and bear the pain and scrutiny of society.

To say “Fuck them all,” I am refusing to be anything less than me.

This is the power of,

Written love.

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I AM. Master of Arts
I AM. Master of Arts

I love all forms of art and hope to create a master piece in each one before I die. I'm an alumni of Ashford University, double BA in Psychology & Sociology & MA in  Psychology. The art of thinking is the most appealing thing to me.

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