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Written in the Stars

Touching the Hidden Space of Emptiness

Photo © Anthony Million

Your night is my best friend, your story is my world

Fly freely carve the story for a soul standing alone there

Smiles of a summer night try to paint your happiness in the sky of the world

Writing in the shadow of the night light, touching the hidden space of emptiness

Night stars that never fall asleep in a million questions

Give you a drop of hope to relieve your thirst

Answer all the longing for you in the waiting room

Open the door of the memories without any sense of being left behind

Like a beautiful work of poets standing on the roof of the world

Like a longing of the dew to the singing of the night

Like the face of the literary rainbow drugged a dark corner with a thousand colors

Who are you hidden behind the silence?

Wise your words touch the fragile rose petals

Adore the emptiness without calling a bond

Night portraits keep your solitude into a home of immortality

Your presence is like a star who never left the kingdom of the sky

Even though your name is just a piece of story behind the stage, history of peace will never forget it

Keep dancing even in the empty space, keep fighting in the silence of pride

Even if you must be alone to breathe in the truth, keep writing

For an ending of the story written in the stars

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Written in the Stars
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