Helen Murray
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Writer's Cramp

The Modern Writer's Life

Modern writer's coffee supported lifestyle

A Modern Writer's Life.

A writer must write.

It’s compulsory form.

From within the necessity flows.

The idea needs an out

But he hasn’t a clue

What idea that might be.

He won’t know what it is

Until it writes itself

with his pen.


But that doesn’t fit

With the rhythm.

Retreat from the keyboard.

The problem’s the age.

It changes the style.

Style is key.

But not keyboard.

So move with the times

Lest the times cramp your style.

Let you in on a secret–

The style is the key

And that’s probably keyboard

Today ‘cause it’s—very—fast.

Our language is IT

Keyboard induced,

and connected.

You don’t use a keyboard?

Is it possible

You have writer's cramp

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Helen Murray

  I'm a creative writer with a strong faith in Yeshua.  Funetic Australia will open on the web soon.  Collect the illustrated poems and read them with your children, family and friends. Develop the creative power and purpose of your emotions

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Writer's Cramp
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