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Words That Trigger (Pt. 6)


I give out chance after chance beyond what I should.

A lot of my pain, you can say was self inflicted.

My heart only knows how to, LOVE.

But I'm still human.

I can only tolerate so much.

You see dishonesty and disrespect just doesn't sit right with me.

Being spiteful isn’t something I need.

Betrayal all over your wall is what I read.

You should be careful young girl.

For the seeds you sow will one day reap.

I was deceived and fooled by many.

Your true intentions shine, like that of a flip of a penny.

I value myself enough to not allow anything to alter my growth.

I'm too pretty to be petty.

Farewell dear girl.

Your secrets I’ll keep, even if you make up plenty.

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Words That Trigger (Pt. 6)
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