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Words That Trigger (Pt. 4)


There goes my phone again, ringing and ringing

I won't take your calls, blocked your whole family off

Say what you want, you can't hurt me more

I know my worth and I will no longer listen to your manipulating words

Yes I am hurt, I'm only human

This is my way of defusing

Better than sipping syrup and popping pills thinking of a million ways to get rich just to feel that thrill

It's sad how some people are so poor all they have is money


You really thought getting rich quick was doing something

And now you sit there in your cell hoping no one tells your tales

It's okay though, can't say you didn't know

You've been there plenty of times boy

quit your crying

And stop with the lying, that I ain't buying shit

I gave my last fuck a while back and what did you do with it

I must admit, you act well

Too bad you can't act right though

Some days it's hard to tell what role you'll play

I can do stupid but I won't be fooled

So now I am removing myself

You're going through it but I am too

We all are

It's no longer about just you

I will keep you in my prayers and hope you're guided well, but I can't continue to hurt myself

That's who I blame

I'll be okay and I know for you I can say the same

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Words That Trigger (Pt. 4)
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