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In Sheep's Clothing

The moment that I met you,

My life changed forever.

I thought it was because of love,

But you were oh, so clever.

Months went by too quickly, 

You treated me like a queen.

I now know your secrets, 

That you thought had gone unseen.

I finally felt special, 

Even though I understand - 

Everything you said was a lie, 

It's all going as you planned.

Slowly, fear took over love, 

I backed into a wall.

Disgusted, I stayed while knowing,

You never cared at all.

I'm stuck in the middle, 

Of your painfully sick game.

I cannot cry out for help,

While choking on my shame.

The old me is unrecognizable, 

Young eyes burdened with pain.

I must maneuver through this maze,

To find myself again.

I'm beginning to exhaust myself,

Just trying to be strong.

At what point can I stop, 

And try to move along?

For now I'm still a doll, 

Hidden inside your box.

Wait a while and you may find,

You aren't the only fox.  

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Alyssa Forge
Alyssa Forge

Stay at home wife and mother. Been through a lot and I can’t wait to get everything that I have written in journals on here. Hope you enjoy and maybe benefit from it. 

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