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A Poem

Feeling like I’m in my death chair

had to mentally prepare

with a quick prayer

that when I leave the earth,

I won’t be scared

because no one cared

or tried to become aware

that I were ill, under a doctors care

that means nothing now, it never did

reminiscing back when I was a kid

what did I do to deserve this

they say you eventually “get over” it

My time is coming soon, this I realize

this precise script of mine, I need to revise

it’s like everyone is telling me lies

is it really all thorns in Gods eyes

or is my surprise imagination becoming real life

this too shall be finalized

how many more bodies need to be paralyzed

abolishing the mind to be hypnotized

how hard is it to really sympathize

except when your lonely and traumatized

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H.b. Woods
H.b. Woods

I am a mental health warrior; I battle it daily.  I’m a mom to 5, a wife, a daughter, and a friend. Some of my poems are brutal as my ‘journey’ continues.    Thank you for taking the time to read my poems.

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