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Will, and the Men It Tests

Poetry Rehab

Art by Jeannie Albers - http://www.jalbersstudio.com

Shaking, his hand reaches into the pocket, to pass off a cancer stick

Pausing, as the wind shivers the bones, a stary night gazes down

Light the fire for a puff, inhale, magic, what a kick

Staring at your silhouette, moonlight in your eyes, dumbfound

Galaxies stare down, admiring what my eyes study

A porcelain moon child, brown-eyed and beautiful

Pleading not to see the day, when I say goodbye buddy

Smile, they say, the time is almost here, me, a fool

Wasting daylight, in fright, the sight of you might crush me

Unraveling the yarn holding me together, a tangled mess

No parade, no serenade, seduction fades, but love forgave

In the end, a little used, abused, another scar to hide

Confide, I found one, but now that bird is flying high

Seeking new adventure, mine, almost over

Benign, a sign, that not all love is meant in time

Trickling like sand through an hourglass, quite fast

No romance, no last dance, no see you again

Jim said it best, “This is the end, my beautiful friend..” 

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James Fristik
James Fristik

Hobby writer since I was 11 years old, with a passion for poetry and short stories. Grew up in a small town that I found a home in, and enjoy the quietness of my nature engrossed life. Lover of animals and owner of two black labs.

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Will, and the Men It Tests
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