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Wild Thoughts

We all have an imagination.

There is so much running through my head daily. 

Like, I wonder how much is this all going to be worth when I make it big.

One million, two? or ten? Man, I can't wait. Mind so confused, but am I really?

Been singing so long you would believe I'm a musician. Maybe I'll get a gig.

Then I start thinking about life with the love of my life.

He is so strong minded that sometimes I believe he needs help.

I did not even speak to him for a few months and he still wanted me to be his wife.

His attitude holds firm and abundantly grows like an army of kelp.

I cannot begin to explain everything that goes through my mind.

The life we dream of is so wonderful. But will we get everything we think of?

Maybe we will never know but we will go on. To each of us, I just hope it's kind.

I pray we all get everything we deserve. Our thoughts fly as free as a dove.

Let us prepare ourselves for everything that our thoughts muster up for us.

We might not get everything but if we do, it is a plus. 

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Wild Thoughts
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