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Why Patience Is Overrated

And what you need instead

That’s right, I said it. Patience is overrated.

Patience means you are waiting for something in the future, as though the future holds greater happiness than the present.

But unhappiness unresolved in the present will be carried into the future.

It may be masked temporarily, but it will resurface eventually.

Look forward to things, get excited about what lies ahead

but not to the detriment of your happiness in the now.

If you think your better days are ahead of you, think again.

As Dave Matthews would say, “the future is no place to place your better days.”⠀⠀

Find reasons that right now is good.

If right now sucks, change it.

If you think you can’t change it, find one thing you CAN change. Just one. Then find another.

Maybe you can’t change your job (yet). Change the relationship you have with it. If it isn’t your passion, pursue your passion on the side and be grateful for your current job for supporting you while you work towards what you do want.

We know you can’t change your genetics. But you can change how they manifest (epigenetics). Make healthier life choices, and you’ll not only feel better about yourself, but you will surely feel better within yourself.⠀⠀

We hold much more control over our situations than we think; there is always another choice. ⠀⠀


Rather than have patience, have presence.

Improve your now, and you’ll never need to be patient again.

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Why Patience Is Overrated
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