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'Why Do We Need Sexual Assault Awareness?'

(T/W) A Question I Cannot Believe We Still Have to Answer

Because we walk in groups to look less vulnerable.

Because we can't wear what we look good in; it makes us look easy.

Because pepper spray is as much of a back-to-school essential as pencils.

Because we clutch our keys like life preservers

and always park on well-lit streets.

Because our hearts race when we pass a man we don't know

even though most survivors knew their attacker.

Because we ignore genuinely nice guys "Just in case,"

            "... but he seemed like such a nice guy..."

Because we can't let loose in public for fear of being taken advantage of.

Because one in four college aged women will be sexually assaulted at school.

Because even more of them have never spoken up, or were not believed.

Because "guys can't be raped."

Because even after hearing the facts, people still refuse to believe it could happen to them.

            "That's horrible, but it could never happen to me..."

Until it does.

And you're nothing but another horrible statistic.

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'Why Do We Need Sexual Assault Awareness?'
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