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Why is knife crime so prevalent in London?

why do young men and boys take each others' lives?                                        an occurrence so common that we become desensitized to it.

i want to ask some questions to all of them. all of those humans that have taken the lives of other humans.

 i ask you this: 

what is your thought process?                                                                          how do you mentally prepare to take someones life?                                        what justifies your actions? is it over an iPhone? some trainers? a postcode?                                                                                                                 do you have any remorse for the atrocity you committed?                                

put yourself in the shoes of a parent.                                                                    the usual "mum i'm going out with my friends, i'll be back later"                  how is such a normal phrase able to strike so much fear into the heart of a mother?                                                                                                                       "be careful, don't get into any trouble. stay safe"                                                  

an old proverb states that no news is good news, but she wants news.          she wants the assurance from her son that he is ok, that he is alive.              just a text saying "i'm ok." that's all she wants.                                                    

what she doesn't want...what she doesn't want is the news that her son has been stabbed and killed. that is the news she doesn't want 

what she doesn't want ... what she doesn't want is a police officer knocking on her door, articulating in the most sombre tone possible that her son has been taken out of this world. 

what she doesn't want ... what she doesn't want is to have to arrange his funeral. 

what she doesn't want ... what she doesn't want is to have to bury her own son, before he had a chance to experience this world, to learn, to love, to live. 

can you put a price on life?                                                                                  what does a boy's life equate to?                                                                            why do we kill each other?                                                                                      why should teenagers that are my age have to go out with a fear that they may not make it home? 

some say it's because of a post code, because they have ventured into unknown "territory"                                                                                                  you're telling me you killed him because he lives in a different post code?    a different post code in a country that you aren't originally from?                  a different post code in a country that we aren't originally from?                    claiming land in a country that you aren't originally from and killing people over it?                                                                                                             what gives you the right to do that?                                                                       

to those same humans that have taken the lives of other humans, even those who are considering carrying out such an atrocity, 

channel your energy into a positive medium, whether it be through sport, through work, through religion, through education, there is no need to strip others of their life in this world. 

this isn't a video game, there is no re-spawn button.                                          

again i ask, why?                                                                                                        what do you gain?                                                                                                    how does taking someone else's life better yours? 


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