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The Answer

The beautiful mess of who I am

Why did my life end up this way  

 Why did so many things go wrong

Why did I worry about all the stupid things

Why did I fight a never ending battle

Why did I stay for so long

Why did I think that all the things could change

Why did I hope for a better ending to the story

 Why did I have the strength to leave

Why did I have the strength to fight

Why did I think that I could change it

Why didn't he worry about the same

Why did he notice that I was slowly slipping away

Why didn't he care that he was losing me

Why didn't he care that he was losing me

Why did he let me go

Why didn't he try harder

Then he put up a fight but in the wrong way

Did I do the right thing? Can I do the thing I need it for my family?

The answer is yes. I did I can say my family is getting Better. Without living in fear without worrying about that harsh voice and the unkind hands. Without the worrying about not being good enough.

 The answer is yes and I'm not afraid I made that choice.

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