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Things are made up.

Today is a day I stand before you to live this life I didn't choose,

Would you be okay if it was a game? In which the aim was to lose?

Your created by love and brought in this life to seek a path that's yours,

So why do we see all kinds of emotions, from smiles to tears that pour?

Your forced to learn a certain language from whatever region you're at,

Surely someone just made it up and never thought about that?

Now we slave to earn money, to keep ourselves alive,

Because one day someone just made a system in which we live and drive.

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Dhanesh Mistry
Dhanesh Mistry

I live life with a unique swing.

I don't let people influence what I think.

I love vintage things but technology is fantastic.

I love cars and travelling.

Free spirit.

Love poetry and true stories.

Love photography and detailed art.

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