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Who Saves Superman?

Sometimes the hero needs saving.

What does it mean to be a hero?

What are the true colors of strength,

When it's shown as passing through obstacles

Without a scratch across the S on your chest?

Superman shows all strengths to save the day,

All except standing upright

When judgments push him downward.

The public sees a guardian

But, not a man who lost his home and two fathers.

Everyone hopes to be like Kal-el,

But fail to see the common feeling

Of being a mule among horses

And lacking another choice of where to go.

Everyone chants for the "Man of Steel,"

Without much thought of steel containing tears

And can't reveal themselves

No matter how much they fill up

Because, like Superman, as expectations climb

To the point where they're close to the sun,

They gain more strength and power,

To become a disguised kryptonite.

He can't help but feel he's letting people down,

He can't introduce a human heart

The tears and blood must hide behind the curtain.

He's a soldier forced to keep PTSD mute,

And is "weak" if he can't win all battles.

Lois Lane knows of the denizens of Clark's mind,

But abandoning him is not a plan.

As he is pushed down by worries

Of not being the hero they all hope for,

She reaches out her hand,

And he's pulled up into the sunlight

As it shines down with the warm reminder

That everything will be alright.

What does it mean to be a hero?

It's not the lack of falling down in a battle.

It's accepting the battles sent up from hell,

And proving being resourceful

Pierces a hole in adversaries.

So, who saves the heroes around us?

Cheers of acceptance that downs coexist with ups

And a Claritin view of their ability

To make a smiling mark in someone's life.

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Who Saves Superman?
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