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Who's There

Always Wondering

I always hear someone knocking

Someone walking

Feel them watching

Although no one’s there

I feel their stare deep inside

This paranoia forever holding me here

Anything can hide in the dark

That thought of anything is what hits the heart

All those things you fear have total control

Whereas your mind has lost it

Everything's around me but nothing’s there

Nothing's there

But did I hear something

Nothing’s there

But did I see something

Nothing’s there but did I feel something

All at once

It’s all too much

I rip at my skin

I’ve had enough

I can’t live like this

Continuously wondering

What’s real what’s fake

Continuously hoping I can hide this

Continuously asking

Who’s there

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Abigail Wadsworth
Abigail Wadsworth

Abigail Wadsworth is a first time writer who lives in Durand, Michigan. She has freshly graduated high school and stayed with the marching band as their photographer. She inspires to bring hope and adventure to her readers.

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Who's There
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