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Who Me?

Rappers idolizing, that word ‘ni**a’ embracing. Oh it’s ‘reclaiming’. More fool you!

Big man approaching. A child's life they’re stunting. Pound signs you’re seeing, garms and kicks you’re preening not realizing that the big man is using you!

Excitement building, older guys emulating, props you’re getting. Another statistic, who knew?

Corks whizzing, bubbles fizzing, Champagne sipping, Gucci dripping but do you have a clue?

Girls alluring, sweet boy dining, Louboutin buying but do you even believe you?

A3 crawling, music soaring, girls calling, but do you know who fought for you?

Fast life living, crew name giving, baby mother conceiving but was your dad there for you?

Child at home screaming, next gyal drawing, street dream believing but who will learn from you?

Drugs slinging, man dem calling, people informing. Many choose to vote! Do you?

Sleepless nights your mums having, police watching, that paranoia you’re feeling? I’ve heard of Huey Newton, have you?

Quick money seeking, show off life. Deceiving. They have ambition, do you?

Rappers idolizing, that word ‘ni**a’ embracing. Oh, it’s ‘reclaiming’. More fool you!

Community fractions ignoring, ‘I’m doing my ting’ starting to get boring! Martin said I have a dream, what? You had no clue?

Business acumen possessing, yet repressing! Too busy digressing, One's mind you’re not challenging. Your own potential not seeking, acquired knowledge not using, real dreams not fulfilling. Can’t be dealing with the stressing yet the system's against you!

Who me?

Yes you, you, you and YOU!

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Who Me?
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