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Who Are the Monsters

Do they live in us?

Who are the monsters?

The ones we hear about in stories

Perhaps the vampires and the werewolves

The witches and the warlocks.

Ones who practice magic

Bring the dead back to life.

So days become less tragic

Playing God throughout the night.

Or perhaps it's not the monsters from stories

maybe perhaps just ourselves.

The inner demons we face

not the books on our shelves.

Finding blame within fiction

rather than facing the truth.

Don't want our memories sticking, 

because then the monsters become true.

Not just words written on pages,

not just chapters within books.

But more just the faces

behind every look.

The look hidden behind mirrors,

reflecting who we are.

Emphasizing our truths,

each and every scar.

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Who Are the Monsters
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