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White Paternalism

My family is dying.

My father was born with a name we cannot pronounce. Because we have been stripped of our language and culture. Naked under the thin layers of wooden monstrosities, charging through the waters which have loved us as children. Have these men, these others tamed our Gods? NO! NO!

My mother was born with a song she never learned to dance to. Because we have been stripped of our soul. Facades of identity have created false idols. My mother can’t dance like she’s supposed to. Because those men, those others: have diluted her essence.

I was born with a voice we cannot hear. Because we have been stripped of our knowledge. English does not echo like my Native tongue. Because European men, those savages: have muted me.

My family cannot survive.
Because White Nationalism and Fever is a disease.
It does not know the spectrum of Life.
The Balance.

White paternalism is KILLING ALL OF US!
We are dying. And we are dead.
Every race, for whites have forgotten the essence of life.

They have indoctrinated themselves into Ego.
Into Sin.
Their savage ways. Their savage ideologies.


Because of White paternalism.

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Luis Tomas Graveley Jr
Luis Tomas Graveley Jr

I am a Black Dominican poet from Washington Heights, New York and I began writing poetry in 2002 at the age of 10.I write from a social, spiritual, sexual, historical, personal, and fantasy lens. Goal: LIBERATION OF THE DIASPORA

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White Paternalism
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