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Reality Is Bent

The smell of popcorn lingers in the air,

Along with the sound of children laughing.

Red and white stripes are everywhere,

The tents full of whimsical talking.

Rocks crunch under my sneakers,

A brisk wind nips at my nose.

My eyes are full of wonder,

and the lights all around, glow

A yellow tone, leaving a warm feeling buzzing.

Buzzing from my toes to my fingertips.

The circus always leaves the feeling tugging.

A sad goodbye lingering at my lips.

I close my eyes and breathe deep,

Preparing myself to depart once again.

But a noise startles me, an eerie creep.

I calmly open my eyes, but I see no friend.

In fact, I’m no-where near where I was.

I’m surrounded by the same tarp, white and red,

Yes, but its beneath me now, because?

I don’t know, but my body weighs it down like lead.

I try to turn, to move in any way,

But I’m sinking, being swallowed.

I breathe and calmly lay

Feeling unsure of what’s to follow.

Why am I so calm though?

Wouldn’t one be losing their mind?

I can feel myself become cold,

I do wish someone could find


White and red have consumed me

Completely now.

And yet, I’m at peace.

Has insanity taken me down?

My eyes close.

My heart slows.

Peace leaves me froze,

But my spirit rose.

I’m looking below at me now,

Is this an out of body happening?

I look so small, but my eyes stare me down.

A smile on my face, and those eyes shining.

I look into those eyes, green pools of wonder.

They clash slightly with the white and red,

But the look leaves me in a ponder

State of mind, am I dead?

A flash of light and I’m back

The smell of popcorn graces my nose.

And the little rocks under my sneakers crack.

I hug myself close.

I’m not sure where I went.

Or why.

Something is clear, reality is bent.

But whimsy and mystery is very much alive. 

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