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While I Stare

While I Stare into the World

A Man Looking

While I stare at the deep of the earth

I tear from my eyes

Is this what He made it to be?

Were we all meant to live like this?

Guns became our toys

Breaking hearts became a thing of joy

Corruption became a hobby

and we've turned immorality into our Tommy

Now that I choose not to be part

they tag me, a daft

that I am dumb

for not wanting to be part of the smart ones

While I stare at the repulsiveness

instigated and done by the of the sons of men

Not even afraid anymore, we sleep and dine with them

and are forced to be close friends

Now, I am void of tears

What is the need to weep over what is dead?

I will try my best to revive them

Not cry over what will not be solved with tears.

I will save the few I can

So they also can stare from afar

and thank Him for our lives;

the lives of positive influencers.

—Emmiasky Ojex

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While I Stare
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