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While Aboard Public Transportation

Weeping, I weep now.

Image via Tumblr

Weeping, I weep now

As if thoughts of us

Watching them playback

In my mind, such beauty.

And rage, I'm full of now,

Hurt and anger filled.

I only wanted to touch

Your skin, your skin, perfection.

I just wanted you

Pressed naked,

Against me, seeking

Comfort in my protection.

You sought of course,

Ever seeking you were.

You still are, but you seek

Nothing in my arms.

Not now and not I,

For we both shall follow

Schedule. It's not human

nature to follow hearts.

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Tyler Skye
Tyler Skye

Writer, poet, hopeless romantic, lover of art, fashion, style, design and self expression through these things. Currently focused on going back to school. Hopefully my writing invokes inspiration and creativity.

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While Aboard Public Transportation
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