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Where I'm From

A story about me!

I am from manikins

from shoes and plaid t-shirts

I am from the sky above the world

(White, clouds

It tastes like candy).

I am from the different colors of the winded forest

The greenest life

Whose long flawless skin I remember

As if it was mine.

I’m from dolls and cars

              from imagination and satisfaction

I’m from the omg’s

              And the lol’s

from questions and answers

I’m from falling in my own footsteps

             With a high heeled shoe

             And ten memorable memories I keep to myself.

I’m from the Deserts and City Lights

Hot summer nights and strong strutted mornings

From the heart my mother won

            To the glory

The tools my father used to keep us up.

Under my bed is a big dog

Remembering childhood days

Many inspirational faces

To drifting away in my sweetest dreams

I am from those fashion moments—

            Buying before trying on—

                            baby born the settling sun.

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Where I'm From
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