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When Love Is Not Enough

A Poem

I was having bad dreams

My lungs wouldn’t fuel my voice when I tried to scream

And then I’d rise from my bed and I swear I was seeing the same thing

There was a time

When you made me feel like I was made of constellations

When gray days meant being warm with you

But now the sun doesn’t seem bright enough

The horizon is pavement and cul-de-sacs

I stopped looking to the sky

It was hopeless to find creatures and shapes amongst the clouds

I just wanted you to take care of me the way I took care of you

I wanted to matter to you the way you did to me

I flash forward ten years and see little league weekends

No passion just expectation

Going through the cookie cutter milestones

But as much as I want this

I choose me

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When Love Is Not Enough
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