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When Is Juneteenth?

June 19th: Freedom Day, 1865

Just graduated college...

I have a question:

How did they convince my Black friends to celebrate Independence?

It don't make sense.

Back then, this day, it never meant shit

to anybody but the white folks

who don't have empathy

for the young brothers and sisters dying every minute in the streets.

It hurts so much,

and it's a lot deeper than it seems.

Native Americans were here first - they were the first human beings.

How can we make this equality thing seem like more than a dream

when we don't have Coretta Scott or no Martin Luther King?

He tried. He died. Obama had his hands tied.

We had Hope but then forgot that we had to vote.

But then again they didn't really teach that in our education system.

They do a really good job of hiding the fact that they was lynching. 

"It's for kicks. It's all fun. Bring the whole family to the occasion!"

And you wonder why I'm uncomfortable in a room full of caucasians. 

While we're here, how did I just learn about Juneteenth?

Just graduated college, but just heard about Juneteenth?

In school for 17 years, didn't know about Juneteenth? 

I'm not celebrating July 4th. It ain't no holiday for me.

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Elijah Fisher
Elijah Fisher

I’m one of the many black men trying to succeed in this world under the impression that working hard will get you what you want but knowing that the dream isn’t 100% real. I’m constantly looking to learn.

Actor, Dancer, Singer, Poet, Writer

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When Is Juneteenth?
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