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When Big Bang Will Ring Again

Performed Poem

The bells didn't ring again when a smile come to the lips of the single singleness to loom off the fog the bells didn't toll when a smile come to the lips of the fool fool foolness and the shofar didn't blow when the sleeping sickness has risen from nothing the moon at noon is a white shade of pale the Mother of Silence the mother.                                                                 Brothers sisters dance toghter; l live on the marble stage l 've a long legged bait l' m the lost fisherman lost on the land when Big Bang will ring again we will have Black Holes into the Heart blood sweat and tears and a leather whip and a greater dreamed trip: blood sweat and Fear.                                                                                               C'mon c'mon Mom with a small brown Bear for me and a bottle of beer 4 dad-Father Death. The color of poppies is the color of a gab of spittle. Taffy taffy taffy from the milkness nipples of the old red moon. Well, is this a new moon or a monsoon? The well known poet the fate the famished poet the fire the bonfire the old red poetman the old the old streetsinger the favorite doll and the friends who make friends with the friends... a owl a FOOL the robin is doomed to die the night the night is never the light one fool is the owner a petal is the messenger the passengers are goin'on slowly… the night is never the light and the post office is closed it rains cats and dogs and dogs oh farewell farewell to Rambo and Charlot!                                                                                  Let 's go.                                                                                                When Big Bang will ring again who will knock at the door? Rock rock rock' nd roll. The mime and the old man has gone : - The ego or the non-Ego that' s the problem -. Rock rock rock' nd shock. - Welcome: the Ego is here; it's the 1th time l meet with me; l' m in an awkward sit com. The Ego wears a red jacket. Welcome: this is… what is this? We never go for a stroll in the town -. Bang bang. - l know nobody comes here -. A naked girl enter. - l've been in Denmark. That's important: l've been there, so l'VE BEEN. Glad to meet me. So, l'm in Denmark and l catch a black peaked cap there. With this cap on, l AM...what l am: l-child, l-doll, l-monk, l-tokis, l-caper, l-teat, l-tie-in,l–appeared-at-the window, l, l, l, l-at-the-ash-window, l-dark, l-shark -. And a painted golden snake has swimmed over the milkwood. Paradise can wait. Big Ben Fat Women Macro' Malade London parade mantilla Sevilla Cecile Big Ben de Mille. We shall overcome. When Big Bang will ring again who will knock at the door? Over.                                                                                                                                                       Milano, Jan, 22, 1979/Mar, 17, 2017                                                                                                                                         This poem has been performed at Caravan Gallery, 132 2 East 65th Street, NYC NY, March 29, 1980, and reloaded March 2017

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When Big Bang Will Ring Again
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