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What You Reveal, You Heal

Which one do you choose?

You hear this question all the time.


What would you go back and change if you could?

You sit there and go over your entire life.

This one question holds so much power over your mind.

It makes you doubt everything that you are.

Thinking of every heartbreak.

Every wrong turn you ever made.

So that's how you start to see your life.


The wrong choices lead you to the wrong life.

This leaves you hating every aspect of who you are.

Never being able to find the joy in anything.


There is another choice.

If someone were to ask you,

What would you go back and change if you could?

And you started to think about every wonderful thing in your life.

Every moment that took your breath away.

Every time you laid there,

Staring at your precious child sleeping,

So peaceful and mesmerizing.

Every time you laughed so hard it hurt.

Every chance you take to live, just a little.

Those moments in between the chaos.

The ones you take for granted.

That makes this journey worth every hardship.

If we thought about all of these things

Then regret would no longer hold any power over us.

Every bump in the road.

Every scar we receive.

Become our most precious jewels.

All of our hardships, big and small,

Find a way to make it up to us in the end.

Every time you hurt, you laugh.

Every time life hits you, it hugs you even tighter.

So whenever a situation arises,

That makes you sit there and question your past,

Just remember all of the beauty your life truly holds.

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What You Reveal, You Heal
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